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How To Get A Body You Love

I recently heard that 92% of women hate their bodies and I know that women’s bodies can be hot topics on social media, particularly celebrity women.

I’m not sure where people get the idea that it’s ok for them to judge or criticize what someone else looks like.

Some women don’t even like to get intimate with their partners because they don’t want to be seen naked. Girls as young as 10 think they're fat and go on diets to lose weight.

Who is anyone to judge what the “perfect” body looks like?
What really makes me sad though is women who judge and criticize their own bodies. Because we're so much harder on ourselves than anyone else would be.

I made the mistake of thinking that I would love my body (and be happy) if I lost weight.

This was me in March 2004...and this wasn't even the heaviest I ever was!



This was me in September 2011 - almost, but not quite the smallest I ever was. Don't let the smile fool you - this was the beginning of the deepest, darkest depression of my life.


Even when I was at the lowest weight I ever was, I was miserable and still thought my thighs and butt were too big. They weren’t - I was a size 4. Plus, my collar bones were sticking out and hubby said he could see my spine.

I had body dysmorphic disorder and I didn’t realize that the negative thoughts I had about my appearance and my body were preventing me from seeing reality.

So let me ask you…when you look at your reflection in the mirror, what do you think?
Do you immediately notice all the flaws and things that aren’t perfect?
Do you say horrible things about yourself that you wouldn’t dare say to another person?
Here's the truth – feeling bad about how you look isn’t going to change anything.
Our negative thoughts can make us think that there’s nothing we can do to change. Then we turn to harmful behaviours to numb our feelings, such as emotional eating - something else that I struggled with for most of my life...even when I was skinny.

And it’s awful hard to have compassion for others when we don’t even have it for ourselves.
When it comes to loving yourself I’m sure there are things that you wish you could change. But, if you want to change something about yourself, it should come from a place of love and not judgment or criticism.

I eventually realized that loving your body doesn’t mean you have to love your muffin top or thunder thighs, but you can love yourself in spite of those things – I certainly do. Because now I'm somewhere in between my two extremes.

The fastest, easiest way to get a body you love is to love the body you have!
When you truly love yourself, you will begin to make different decisions about how you treat your body.
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I held myself back for years thinking that eating healthy was hard and boring. When I did finally decide I wanted to “get healthy”, I made serious mistakes that took a huge toll on my health - physically and mentally.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways you can lose weight. However, the safest, most effective way to slim down is to make weight loss a side effect of the lifestyle choices you make.

I finally learned how to make healthy living a lifestyle and discovered the secret to happiness and lasting weight-loss. I now teach other women how to do the same so they can love their life and their body.

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