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Integrative Nutrition
4:04 pm

Ready To Finally Meet Your Health Goals?

Most of us always have a health goal or two in mind. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, clear up your skin, or something entirely different, it’s completely human to always be working toward something. Read More

5:36 pm

What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas is my favourite time of year! I love singing holiday songs and carols and seeing all the decorations and twinkling lights. I love spending time with family and seeing the excitement and wonder in kids of all ages. My first grandchild is making this year extra special! Read More

7:09 pm

A Visit to The Compass Rose Health and Wellness Centre

About a month or so ago, I noticed a new health and wellness centre in my neighbourhood. I am always on the lookout for all things that can help people be healthy and happy, and I was very excited to see one so close to me! I am also a firm believer in supporting small and local businesses. Read More