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4:13 pm

Why Gratitude is the Secret Sauce to Health

It’s never a bad time to pause and feel gratitude for everything you have in your life. Read More

6:55 am

Dairy, Sugar and Soy - Oh My!

The first thing I get asked when I tell people I’m intolerant to dairy, sugar, and soy is: What do you eat? Honestly, when I found out that I shouldn’t eat dairy anymore I was pretty bummed. While I had never really liked drinking milk, I definitely had a soft spot for cheese, ice cream and yogurt! Read More

8:45 am

Reducing Risk For Osteoporosis - What You Need To Know

Did you know that women are four times more likely than men to get diagnosed with osteoporosis? Women are bombarded with the "thin is in" and "thin is sexy" message, which is damaging to every part of your body and mind, including your bones. Women who have this mindset tend to exercise too much and not eat enough, which can elevate a woman's risk of thinning and weakening of bones. Read More