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Intentions vs Resolutions - What's the Difference?

I’ve heard that 92% of people who make New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick with them.

I have been in that group myself many times in the past.

Most times, our resolutions are too general and focus on changing a bad habit without a clear direction on how to do it. I now focus on intentions instead of resolutions.

Intentions are guiding principles I use when making decisions. 


For many people, resolutions become a pain point, something else they’ve tried but failed at. We tell ourselves that it’s too hard, or we make excuses. We find reasons for why things won’t turn out the way we want them too. We can give up before we ever really get started. This causes negative feelings that can be difficult to overcome.

Focus your intentions on something you want to improve upon. Then you can break down the intention into specific goals. Use your goals to set action steps that you can use to establish a new routine. A new routine will eventually evolve into new habits.

1. Laugh often2. Love deeply3. Live fully


Keep your intention positive and future oriented. Our brains function better when we are telling ourselves we will do something, rather than that we won’t do something. When we deprive ourselves of what we want or think we need, that’s all we can think about. It’s no surprise then that most people give up thinking that it’s too hard. They blame themselves for not having more willpower.

Instead of willpower – focus on skill-power!

Skill-power means that you get better at doing something the more often you do it. We’re usually not very good at something the first time we try it. But the more we do it the better we get at it. For instance, my cooking has improved dramatically over the past several years...something my family is thankful for! We also need to believe in ourselves in order to reach our goals.



I used to think that the harder I tried, the faster I would get the result I wanted. I wanted to lose weight so badly that I made super strict rules for myself that just set me up for failure.

I pushed past the warning signals my body was sending me, and ignored the concerns of my husband and oldest daughter. Finally, I ended up at my doctor’s office with a diagnosis of hypo-thyroidism. Looking back, it’s more likely I had adrenal fatigue although I’ll never know for sure.

I made myself sick while trying to “get healthy”.

Unfortunately, I believed that being skinny meant I would be healthy. The hardest lesson I ever had to learn was that the ends do not justify the means.

Focus on “being” healthy instead of “getting” healthy!  

Learning to take better care of yourself and your health is an investment that will pay off for years to come. I've learned over time that it starts with the right mindset.

Mindset is usually the first thing I work on with my clients, because as Albert Einstein said, "You can't solve a problem in the same state of mind as the one that created it."

I specialize in helping women who are tired of counting calories and stressing about food. I help them discover their desires, conquer their cravings and feed that empty feeling inside.

Over our time together, my clients learn how to make better choices that help them eat better so they can feel great and lose weight - without dieting!

If you would like to chat with me to see if I can help you feel great, you can book a time that works for you here.